September 15, 2014

Where to Find Sparrow Tree Square

Dear Sparrow Tree Square Readers,

Sparrow Tree Square has changed a lot since it first began 2006, and over the weekend some of the biggest changes yet to how Sparrow Tree Square shares content were implemented. The content is still the same, but you'll find it in new places now! Here's an overview of where to find Sparrow Tree Square resources now, where to look for them in the future, and notes on what else has changed:

- The website has been reorganized and redesigned to better spotlight Sparrow Tree Square's content and make it easier to find what you're looking for. A new homepage showcases featured resources and sales that will rotate each month.

- The Sparrow Tree Square educational enrichment series is now priced a little differently--print editions are now all $9.99 each, to make pricing consistent across the series. Since this means that most print editions have increased in price, all digital editions have been permanently marked down to $1.99 each. Each month a select module will be discounted even further--through the end of September, our new module Sports and Games is available for $7.99 in print and 99 cents in digital!

- A brand new section, For Educators, is available on the website. Article-style posts from this blog have been edited and moved to this section, and new articles will be added periodically. Blog-style content will now be found on Sparrow Tree Square's Tumblr, which you can read and follow just like this blog--check for new posts daily at noon Eastern time!

- The Charlotte Mason Monday series will also be moved to the For Educators section of the website on the new Charlotte Mason Reflections page. As of January 2015, the original posts have been removed from this blog to be edited and reformatted.

- As you may have gathered from the announcements above, this blog is being retired. Moving articles to the website will make it easier both for new readers to find resources and for longtime readers to return to resources over time, and using Tumblr as the primary platform for Sparrow Tree Square's blog-style content will allow for more kinds of posts to be shared, for new readers to find our content more easily, and for longtime readers to follow our content more easily.

These changes are pretty big, but I'm very excited about them, and I hope that they'll help readers to get the most out of what Sparrow Tree Square has to offer!

March 31, 2011


Welcome to the first-ever post of the Sparrow Tree Square blog! Since 2006, I've been sharing my favorite public domain literature with readers through Sparrow Tree Square magazine, a free online literary magazine. I started Sparrow Tree Square as a homeschooled teenager, and originally I thought that perhaps the only people who would read the magazine would be my family and myself. Now, five years later, I am still surprised and thrilled that so many people enjoy and use Sparrow Tree Square in their homes and classrooms. It makes doing something I love even better to know that other people love it, too.

One of my favorite aspects of running Sparrow Tree Square has always been hearing from readers of the magazine. For most of the time I've been running Sparrow Tree Square, the primary way I interacted with fans was through e-mail. Although websites like Blogger, Twitter, and Facebook existed during the earlier days of Sparrow Tree, I wasn't fully aware of how they worked or how they could help me to connect with readers.

This year brings Sparrow Tree Square's fifth anniversary, and it also brings what I hope will be better opportunities for me to interact with people who like the magazine and enjoy literature as much as I do. Sparrow Tree Square has now been on Twitter and Facebook since last December, and this month marks the inaugural post of the Sparrow Tree Square blog. I hope that this blog will be a place where we can discuss books, poetry, homeschooling, education, and other topics of interest to Sparrow Tree Square readers.

This blog will also be a place to discuss new ideas and new directions for Sparrow Tree Square, and to get feedback from readers regarding what they'd like to see. Right now, I'm working on what I hope will be a great new resource for fans of the magazine-- stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!